Tour of France and the Netherlands

Mikko Innanen and Esa Onttonen playing at Les Rendez-vous de l'Erdre in Nantes in 2006.

To close out the year 2019 in style, Gourmet is doing a tour of France and the Netherlands in mid-November.

Although Gourmet has been a frequent visitor to France – with performances in Chinon (2018), Coutances (2012), Le Mans (2008), Nantes (2006, 2017) and St. Nazaire (2010) – this is the first time the group is going to play in Lyon (Nov 13), Paris (Nov 14), Reims (Nov 15) and Strasbourg (Nov 17). The single concert in the Netherlands takes place in Amsterdam’s Bimhuis (Nov 16). This marks the second time Gourmet is appearing in this renowned venue since 2011.

On the tour Gourmet is playing selected compositions from 2018’s En garde album, as well as plenty of new material.

Please see the Live page for more details about venues, starting times, tickets etc.